Success through Empowerment

Urban Entrepreneurs helps inner city men and women start new businesses.

Through training, education and consultation, we help the less fortunate realize their small business ownership goals, achieve financial independence and experience the American Dream. All services offered by Urban Entrepreneurs (UE) are free of charge and are open to any individual with a great idea, a little determination and a positive attitude. UE is a non-profit organization located in San Diego.

Help Us Make a Difference!

  • Are you an inner city resident who has the desire to start a legitimate business? Or have found yourself in less than ideal circumstances and need some help getting back on your feet?
  • Are you a community volunteer who can help us make a difference in the lives of budding entrepreneurs?
  • Are you a high net worth individual, philanthropist or government entities that would like to provide financial resources/contributions/grants?

…We welcome you to the Urban Entrepreneurs (UE) Family!

Urban Entrepreneurs is currently looking for volunteers to help us with our mission of helping underprivileged men and women start businesses in the inner cities of the United States. As the first organization of its kind to truly be a national, community based group; we seek to drive immediate and lasting change across America’s urban landscape.

Are you a grant writer, teacher, counselor, businessperson, bank, corporation or all around team player type who would like to help us? Like to make a donation? Help us pay it forward and get in touch today.

We thank you for your interest in Urban Entrepreneurs!

Jon Wuebben

Executive Director

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