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“To empower the people.”  …A noble and grand experiment tested and proven during Americas early years as a venture into true democracy. But however powerful it may have been for the majority of Americans over the past 234 years, it has never fully been maximized and realized for those who are considered the less fortunate in our society: America’s men and women in the inner city.  Whether working for minimum wage, on the streets, recovering from addiction or a product of other unfortunate circumstances, there are people everywhere who deserve a second chance in life.

My name is Jon Wuebben. I am a San Diego based entrepreneur, author, teacher and online marketing professional. Over the past seven years, I have started four businesses, taught at two San Diego county community colleges and written an award winning book on web marketing. More about me here.

It was in the past year, while teaching Entrepreneurship at Miracosta College in Oceanside, CA that I realized there was an unmet need in almost all of America’s big cities: expert advice and consultation on starting a small business for those who are less fortunate. After researching the topic and talking to some key people in the non profit community, I decided to start Urban Entrepreneurs. First, in San Diego and then, over the next 18 months, in every major city in America.

Whether it’s a simple hot dog cart, corner flower vendor or dog walking service, there are hundreds of businesses that anyone can start, with very little funding. The key is getting in the game, showing people that they can do it and building their self-esteem. The rest is up to them.

As someone who believes deeply in doing everything I can to give back to those in need, I realize an organization like this will rely on the assistance of many good people, working together who care about others. I ask those who may be interested in this great cause to join me and help out in any way you can.

Together, we can light a fire under people’s hearts, give the hopeless, hope and inspire a re-birth in American innovation and generosity.

Jon Wuebben, Executive Director

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